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April 26, 2011

The Rock brought them to Aberdeen in 2009, see them again at the Great Aberdeen Pigout 2011!  Pop Evil joins headliners Hairball July 8th at the Pigout.  Tickets go on sale this Friday.  More details on where you can get tickets and where you can check out the full lineup is below.

Your concert connection 94.1 The Rock is firein’ up The Rock Bus once again this year.  Hop the bus to go see Rob Zombie, Chevelle, Hollywood Undead, 10 Years, All That Remains, Escape The Fate, As I Lay Dying at the Sioux Falls Stadium July 15th.  The package is just $84 per person and includes round trip motor coach transportation to and from the show plus your ticket.  Must be 21 or older to ride the bus because alcohol is allowed.  Call anytime M-F 8a-5p at 229-3632 to reserve your spot.  For more details check out

If you missed The Morning Rokit on 94.1 The Rock this morning, you missed……….

Joke Of The Day
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A man was standing next in line at a checkout, when the attractive blonde woman in front of him turned around and gave him a big smile.
“Hello,” she said, as she waited for her change.
“Er, I’m sorry. Do I know you?” The man said in some confusion.
“Oh, my mistake. I thought you were the father of one of my children,” she said apologetically, and picking up her shopping, she left the store.
The man was astonished.
He thought, “How amazing that a good looking woman like that should have forgotten who fathered her children.”
Then he began to worry. He had had an encounter in his youth that could have resulted in a child he didn’t know about. She had been blonde, pretty, and about the same height.
On leaving the store, he saw the woman getting into her car.
He ran over to her and said, “Look, you couldn’t have been the girl I met that night at a party in Hampstead, in 1980 could you? We did it on the billiards table in front of everyone, things got really wild and I got so drunk that I didn’t get your number.”
The woman looked utterly outraged and said, “No! I’m your son’s English teacher!”

Dumbass Of The Day

Today’s Co-FTW
Emilio Valentine, 52, of Bridgeport, CT, who poured about $200 worth of gasoline onto a city street then went to a scrap metal yard and tried to sell the empty gas container worth $60. Valentine was charged with illegally dumping hazardous material and really bad math.

Today’s Co-FTW
Bruce Manlove, 36, who handed a Dover, Delaware convenience store clerk a demand note that had his name on the back. The note read “this is a robbery” and he demanded 17 packs of cigarettes. Police say the note was written on the back of Manlove’s Department of Correction paperwork. Oops.

A robber who tried to steal money from an elderly Omaha, Nebraska woman and ended up with a fake one billion-dollar bill. The man came to the woman’s home and asked for directions and then for a glass of water. As she got it for him, he tried to steal her wallet. She wrestled it from him and he ran with just the play money.

Four Houston bank robbers who were bragging on Facebook about the money they stole. Federal investigators say one suspect’s Facebook page boasted: “I’m Rich” and another post said “Wipe My Teeth With Hundreds!” The arrests included two bank employees.


Other stuff for 04/26/2011

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Trailer for Our Idiot Brother. 

Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey

The Ron Swanson Turkey Burger

If you haven’t seen the girls like porn video yet, check out Rusty’s Rock Blog


Bad Parking
Its time for another addition of bad parking.  If you see bad parking take a picture and email or text it to


I thought I would share some of my vaca photo’s

Ate alot of crab

Tigers tried to pee on us

rhino's tried to pee on us

Had a boat load of geese and ducks hiss at us


Babe Of The Day
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Reagan Gomez-Preston

Video Of The Day


*Join us June 11 & 12 as we head to Minneapolis to cheer on the Twins as they host the Texas Rangers or July 16 and 17 when the Twins take on the Kansas City Royals! Seats for each game are limited. Call 229-3632 M-F to reserve your seat. More details are on

*Listen to 94.1 The Rock for every Monday for Monster Mondays! Every Monday we’ll give away 4-Packs of Monster Energy Drink with 10 flavors to choose from, courtesy of Monster Energy Drink and the Airport Travel Center!

*Tickets on sale now for Papa Roach, Halestorm and Pop Evil in Sioux Falls outdoors and under the stars on Friday, May 13 at the Vault! Check out the Rock Page of for a link to buy tickets.

*Wednesday, May 25 the Vault in Sioux Falls will rock with Saving Abel and Red Line Chemistry. Tickets are on sale for just $20 in advance or $22 day of the show. Get more details including a link to buy tickets on The Rock page at

* The Tech N9ne All 6s And 7s tour with special guests: Mayday, Stevie Stone, Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, and Jay Rockwill be in Aberdeen Thursday, July 7 presented by Point FM! Get your tickets at Hub City Radio, CD Exchange or on-line via the link at for just $25. Tickets will be $28 at the door so get your tickets in advance and save! Get more info at!

*Your concert connection 94.1 The Rock welcomes: Rob Zombie, Chevelle, Hollywood Undead, 10 Years, All That Remains, Escape The Fate, As I Lay Dying to the Sioux Falls Stadium July 15th. Tickets are on sale for $41.50 advance $52 day of show.

*Tune in each Friday for Free Beer Friday for your chance to win free beer from Ken’s Bottle Shop courtesy of Bud Light and 94.1 The Rock. Winners will have the choice of 18 Pack of Bud, Bud Light, Michelob Golden Draft Light, Select, Select 55, Coors or Coors Light.

*Check out the all new Bid N Buy at You can bid on items immediately and stop in and pick them up the same day. Check it out today the all new Bid N buy at, now ALWAYS open for your business!

*Use the power of the Internet and Hub City Radio’s Free Classifieds to sell your items today! Our free classifieds include 5 pictures to show off your item, 500 characters to describe it and 30 days to sell it!

*Stump The DJ weekdays at 7:40am. You have your chance to call in and stump the DJ’s for your chance at scratch tickets from the South Dakota Lottery courtesy of the Aberdeen Regional Airport.


Concert Connection

Check out the Concert Connection page of The Rock Page on to find out more information.

*5/13 – Papa Roach with Pop Evil & Halestorm – The Vault, Sioux Falls – Tickets Here
*5/25 – Saving Able with Red Line Chemistry – The Vault, Sioux Falls – Tickets Here
*7/7 – Tech N9ne All 6s And 7s tour – Ramkota, Aberdeen, SD – Tickets at Hub City Radio, CD Exchange or click HERE
*7/8-9 – Hairball with Pop Evil – Great Aberdeen Pig Out, Central Park, Aberdeen, SD – Tickets (on sale April 29) $10 one day or $15 two day pass and available Pauer Sound, CD Exchange & Aberdeen Downtown Association.
Get the full 2 day lineup for the Pig Out by clicking HERE
*7/15 – Rob Zombie, Chevelle, Hollywood Undead, 10 Years, All That Remains, Escape The Fate, As I Lay Dying, – Sioux Falls Stadium, Sioux Falls, SD – Tickets Here

Dibs game rules
* Only one dibs per person, per day.
-Note…Your dibs is good till midnight then its game on again.
* A girl dibs over rides a guy dibs.
-Note…once a girl has the dibs, another girl can not dibs.
*A dibs on the link on my Facebook page & Twitter pages still counts as a legit dibs.
-Many times I post the link to the blog on my FB site and my twitter account before I post it to the Rock’s FB.
*Sharing of the dibs is allowed if the person with the original dibs ok’s it.
*Calling dibs on items in the blog other then the BOTD is allowed.
-Note…same rules apply for those dibs

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