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No Shave November 5th, 2010

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Joke Of The Day
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John was waiting to cross the street when a blind man approached with his guide dog. The traffic sign turned green and instead of helping its master to cross, the dog raised its rear leg and peed on the shoes of the blind man.
    Observing that, the blind man reached into his pocket and offered the dog a cookie.
    John told the blind man in amazement, “If it was my dog I’d have kicked its butt!”
    The blind man calmly replied, “I’m going to. But I need to find its head first.”

Dumbass Of The Day

Dezmen Silas, who was not happy he was tossed by a bouncer from the rear of a Florida club for smoking marijuana, so he returned at the front of the club armed with a weapon… a can of refried beans. It’s not known where he got the beans while running from the back door to the front door. A surveillance video shows Silas throwing the can at the bouncer’s face, landing the bouncer in the hospital and Silas in jail.

Today’s FTW
    Randi Pliska, 28, who had her wallet stolen at work, then gave out her PIN number over the phone to the thief who called posing as a bank representative. Pliska says, “The call sounded legit.” The bank’s real security folks say the bank won’t replace her money since she gave up her PIN willingly. Thieves took over $3,500 from the account. 

    Matthew Nieveen, 19, who dressed as a portable Breathalyzer machine for Halloween, and was arrested for drunk driving. Police pulled Nieveen over for driving erratically. 

    Elias Sedale Jones, who made it easy for police to identify him thanks to a dollar sign he had tattooed on his forehead. Jones was arrested on forgery and money laundering charges.


Other stuff for 11/5/2010

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This will change your life

Babe Of The DayDenise Richards


Video Of The Day


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Play-By-Play Schedule

11/5      District 2B Volleyball – Sunny 97.7 6:40pm/7pm
11/6      Football – 94.1 The Rock – Northern State University vs Minnesota State University – Moorhead 12:20pm pregame/1pm kickoff
11/6      Football Pheasant Country 103 – Aberdeen Roncalli vs Flandreau 6:40pm/7pm 
All games are streamed live to  Sunny 97.7, Pheasant Country 103 & 94.1 The Rock games are ALSO streamed live to their Facebook fan sites.


Concert Connection

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*February 4th – Rehab – DEC, Aberdeen, SD – Tickets HERE

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