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If You Missed It 7/28/2010

 Stone Temple Pilots with Cage the Elephant are playing the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in Minneapolis, MN on August 13th.  Be listening to The Rock for 2 in a row, 2 for the show STP all this week on The Rock.  When you hear back to back tracks from STP just be caller number 9 and you’ll score a pair of tickets to the show. 

If you missed The Morning Rokit on 94.1 The Rock this morning, you missed………. 

Joke Of The Day 

Congress said someone may steal from it at night; so they created a night watchman, GS-4 position and hired a person for the job.
    Then Congress said, “How does the watchman do his job without instruction?”
    So they created a planning position and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, GS-12 and one person to do time studies, GS-11.
    Then Congress said, “How will we know the night watchman is doing the tasks correctly?”
    So they created a Q.C. position and hired two people, one GS-9 to do the studies and one GS-11 to write the reports.
    Then Congress said, “How are these people going to get paid?”
    So they created the following positions, a time keeper, GS-09, and a payroll officer, GS-11, and hired two people.
    Then Congress said, “Who will be accountable for all of these people?”
    So they created an administrative position and hired three people, an Admin. Officer GM-13, Assistant Admin. Officer GS-12, and a Legal Secretary GS-08.
    Then Congress said, “We have had this command in operation for one year and we are $280,000 over budget, we must cutback overall cost.”
    So they laid off the night watchman.


    Fidel Castro dies and goes to Heaven. He’s standing at Heaven’s gate and St. Peter tells him that because of what he did to his people, he will be going to Hell.
    When Fidel gets to Hell he tells Satan he left his bags in Heaven and needs to go get them.
    Satan says, “I’ll get two of my demons to get them for you.”
    The demons are in Heaven and they both are wondering where his bags are. One of the demons looks over the gates and they both start climbing the gates.
    St. Peter sees them and says “Great he’s already sending refugees over.”

Dumbass Of The Day 

Today’s FTW
Eilish De Avalon, 40, who told a traffic cop she was not subject to earthly laws as she was “a being from another world.” According to the police report, De Avalon told the officer, “Your laws and penalties don’t apply to me. I’m not accepting them, I’m sorry, I must go, thank you.” She then started driving off with the officer’s arm caught in her driver’s side door. De Avalon also claims she has a universal name that is not recognized here. 

    48-year-old Dennis Hawkins who robbed a Pittsburgh-area bank wearing a woman’s blond wig, fake breasts under a sweater and clown pants, ended up also wearing red as the dye pack included with the stolen cash exploded in a parked car he was sitting in. Hawkins had robbed the bank using a toy BB gun he had shoplifted from a store.

    Sharon Lain who wore a girdle over her face while she robbed a McDonald’s restaurant. The so-called “underwear bandit” reached through a drive-through window at the restaurant and took money from an unattended cash register. Lain was apprehended at her house and admitted to police she had a gambling problem.


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Other stuff for 7/28/10.

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 Video Of The Day 

Babe Of The Day 
Kari Ann Peniche



Listen for Christmas in July all month long here on 94.1 The Rock. Each weekday morning during the Morning Rokit we’ll play a rockin’ Christmas track and if you’re the 9th caller you’ll score the gift of the day. Gifts include brand new CD’s (even some that aren’t out yet!), t-shirts, and more! It’s Christmas in July on 94.1 The Rock! 

*Join myself and Rusty at the Ramkota Convention Center in Aberdeen for 94.1 The Rock’s Comedy Night tonight at 9PM, doors/bar open at 8PM. Tickets are $6 in advance at South C Convenience Store, The Wolf Stop and C-Express (available until Noon Wednesday) or $7 at the door.  Mark your calendar because Gallagher is coming to Aberdeen August 6th! Advance tickets are available at Kesslers. 

*Think you have what it takes to be a guest DJ during The Morning Rokit? Click HERE and sign up for your chance. 

*Hey race fans, Hub City Radio has a NASCAR trip you can’t miss out on! We’re taking a bus to the Kansas Speedway October 1 through the 3 for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series races. Ticket packages start at $619 and include motorcoach transportation, 2 nights lodging with breakfast, tickets to the races and more! For complete details check out or call and reserve your spot by calling the Hub City Radio offices at 229-3632 open Monday through Friday 8am till 5pm. 

Its Free Beer Friday all day Friday! All that free beer is brought to you by the Airport Cafe. 

*Don’t forget the All Request Lunch Rush weekdays from 12-1pm. For one full hour you guys control the rock. Can’t complain about the music if you don’t call in! 

*Stump The DJ weekdays at 7:40am. You have your chance to call in and stump the DJ’s for your chance at scratch tickets from the South Dakota Lottery. The better the question, the more scratch tickets you could win! 


Concert Connection
Check out the Concert Connection page of The Rock Page on to find out more information.

*August 6th – Drowning Pool with Fluxx – Nuttys North, Sioux Falls – Tickets HERE
*August 13th – Stone Temple Pilots with Cage the Elephant – Roy Wilkins Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN – Tickets HERE
Brown County Fair tickets are on sale NOW!

*August 19th – Clay Walker & Joe Diffie – The Brown County Fair, Aberdeen, SD – Ticket Locations Here
*August 20th – Jake Owen & Love & Theft – The Brown County Fair, Aberdeen, SD – Ticket Locations Here
*August 21st – Kenny Rogers & Joey+ Rory – The Brown County Fair, Aberdeen, SD – Ticket Locations Here
*October 3 – Rockstar Uproar Tour: Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Halestorm, Hellyeah, Airbourne, Hail The Villain & New Medicine – Fargodome, Fargo, ND – Tickets HERE

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