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5/22/2010 South Dakota Tornadoes!

WOW! What a night. We were live on all 6 of our Hub City Radio station’s and online too at with severe weather coverage. I was at the station for about 6 hours.  Thank you everyone for the kind comments on the Facebook sites on the severe weather coverage.  Also a big thank you to the guys from for giving us a call and letting us know what they were seeing.  Much appreciated!!!!!!!  

Also thanks to  Will Campbell with who is an affiliate and live video streamer for for clearing a few things up.  We had a lot of reports of the “TIV” being in the area.  What you were really seeing was Reed Timmer with his TVN’s Dominator.  Check out a picture HERE.  Also, Will sent me an email this morning.  Here’s an excerpt that I found pretty funny.  

 “Reed and the guys got the Dominator stuck just west of Ipswich off of hwy 12 and had to have one of the Discovery Channel crew call their AAA to pull  them out!” 

Pretty funny especially with our awesome road network up here.  My bet is that the tornados from last night will be featured on Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers this fall. 

A big thank you to everyone who emailed pictures to us.  You can check out the pictures for yourself by clicking HERE.  If you have photo’s or video you can email them to

Speaking of videos, thank you Scott Myren for sending us video of the Bowdle tornado
Here’s part 1 of his video

Here’s part 2

Here’s part 3

Also thanks to Ryan Heyne for sending us this video

Click HERE to check out the video from Severe Studios
Click HERE to check out another video from Severe Studios
Click HERE to check out a video from TVN
Click HERE to check out a video to
If you want to check out more pictures, click HERE
Check out the NWS  storm report HERE.  Sounds like its going to be an EF3

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