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Update from the road 5/6/10

If you didnt notice this morning, I’m gone till Monday.  I’m sitting in a hotel room in NW Iowa right now, taking advantage of the high speed internet and I thought I would update the blog.

First of all a big thank you goes out to the state of Iowa for setting your speed limits at 55 mph.  I mean I feel much safer now driving like an old grandma then driving like normal person back in the state of South Dakota.  I mean come on, NO ONE has gone 55 mph the entire time Ive been in Iowa.  I went 60 passed a highway patrolman and he just laughed and said I feel your pain….

If you ever wonder why your residents are notorious sucky drivers Iowa? I know why!  They get bored driving in your state. I mean I would ask if you have heard of this song from Sammy Hagar called I Can’t Drive 55 but Sammy doesn’t drive 55 mph anymore.  He’s more of a 20 miles under the speed limit with your blinker on kinda guy now.  Join the rest of the world at 65 mph.  Your residents will thank you!

Ok, enough with the rant.  On to some links!

Hot women in army fatigues…nuf said

You know those hot T shirt ad chicks?  Check them all out in one place HERE

Ok, Ive done this with the first two but the third?  Really???

Rusty, THIS is for you

Did you know they are making a Wizard Of Oz 2?  Check out the poster HERE

You stay classy Jay Leno.  Oh, and $^%# you.

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