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If you missed it 4/27/10

If you missed The Morning Rokit this morning, you missed……….

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A couple goes to an art gallery. They find a picture of a naked women with only her privates covered with leaves. The wife doesn’t like it and moves on but the husband keeps looking.
    The wife asks, “What are you waiting for?”
    The husband replies, “Autumn.”

    The two elderly gents are talking, and one says, “Last night we went out to a fabulous new restaurant. I’d highly recommend it.”
    The other man asks, “What’s its name?”
    The first man thinks long and hard with a furrowed brow, finally saying, “Ah, what is the name of that red flower you give to someone you love?”
    His friend replies, “A carnation?”
    “No, no. The other one,” the man says.
    His friend suggests, “The poppy?”
    “No, no, no,” growls the man. “You know – the one that is red and has thorns.”
    His friend says, “Do you mean a rose?”
    “Yes! Thank you!” the first man says. He then turns toward the kitchen and yells, “Rose, what’s the name of that restaurant we went to last night?”

Dumbass Of The Day

Joshua Stagnitto, 24, who listed his two children for sale on Craigslist. A member of the public called child protective services earlier in April after seeing the post. Stagnitto told police it was just a joke.

    28-year-old Quandria Bailey, who called 911 six times to request a ride from a nightclub back to her home. Bailey was charged with six counts of misuse of the 911 system and was released on a $1,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court.

Today’s FTW
    43-year-old Sean Almond, who took a potty break behind a store he had just robbed. Police said Almond was found urinating behind a Kangaroo Mart minutes after a clerk reported the store had been robbed.  Almond was carrying the stolen cash. Almond was charged with one count of armed robbery. Charges of assault and urinating in public are pending.

    A 44-year-old man who sealed off one nostril and blew the contents of the other nostril all over his girlfriend. According to the woman, the man had been in another altercation, which caused his nose to bleed and the contents of his “snot rocket” contained blood and other bodily fluids. The woman had blood splattered on her face, chest, arms and pants, but no signs of any injury that could have caused the blood to be hers.  The man was arrested.


Other stuff for 4/27/10

Did anybody catch this??  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read about it HERE

Ladies, this one is for you.  NSFW

Bozo Criminal Of The Day

Bozo criminal for today comes from Gainesville, Florida, where bozo Donnell Moore was arrested by the cops after he broke into a smoke shop by crawling through a roof vent. It was during questioning that he offered up the Bozo Excuse of the Week. He told the cops that he had actually planned on breaking into the liquor store next door. Unfortunately he got confused once on the roof and climbed down the wrong ventilation shaft. Sorry, ignorance is no excuse. He’s busted!

Babe Of The Day

Mitzi Martin

Miss Clipper in Joe Dirt
Married to Josh Todd of Buckcherry…lucky bastard


*Pongpalooza is this Saturday at the Americinn of Aberdeen. Grab a partner and your $25entry fee and drop it of ASAP. Pongpalooza is over half full and since it’s a world series of beer pong event, only 63 teams can enter. We have teams coming from as far as Florida. Here at The Rock, we can get you entered for free. Log on to and click the Pongpalooza icon to register. We’re going to waive the entry fee for 1 team plus give you a free nights stay at the Americinn. We’ll draw the winner this Thursday morning. For more details call the Americinn of Aberdeen at 225-4565 or log onto

*May 14th 94.1 The Rock is taking a bus to go see Three Days Grace, Seether and others at Husets Speedway in Brandon.  The Silver Dollar Bar wants to send you to that show with Brent & Rusty on The Rock Bus.  Be listening for details coming soon on how you can hop on The Rock Bus for free

*94.1 The Rock & Jade Presents bring you Puddle Of Mudd, Adelitas Way & Downplay May 24th, Ramkota Convention Center.  Tickets are on sale NOW for $27 CASH ONLY at our studios on South highway 281 or at CD Exchange.  You can also get your tickets by clicking HERE.

*How would you like to win a back yard BBQ with myself & Rusty & 20 of your closest friends? Stop dreaming and make it happen by registering online at! Each weekday in May we’ll draw one name and announce it.  That person will then have 10 minutes to call in.  If they do, their name will go into the drawing at the end of May. If your the winner Rusty and I will come to your house, bring the grill, food, cooler & drinks, even a fireworks package and leave it all behind for you to keep. Register online today by clicking HERE.

Brent & Rusty’s Backyard BBQ is brought to you by: Unclaimed Freight Furniture, Hot Rocket Fireworks, South C Convenience Store, Dakota Hot Tubs, Airport Cafe and Travel Center, Pepsi and Jacob’s Family Dentistry

*94.1 The Rock, Pepper Entertainment & The Aberdeen Downtown Association present:  Saliva with Shaman’s Harvest and others, coming to the 2010 Great Aberdeen Pigout July 10th.  Tickets are $10 for one day of the Pigout or $15 for both days.  You can get tickets in advance by clicking HERE, CD Exchange, Pauer Sound & the Aberdeen Downtown Assoc office or you can get them at the gate.  For the full list of bands coming to the Pigout visit their website by clicking HERE.

*Hey race fans, Hub City Radio has a NASCAR trip you can’t miss out on! We’re taking a bus to the Kansas Speedway October 1 through the 3 for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series races. Ticket packages start at $619 and include motorcoach transportation, 2 nights lodging with breakfast, tickets to the races and more! For complete details check out or call and reserve your spot by calling the Hub City Radio offices at 229-3632 open Monday through Friday 8am till 5pm.

*Remember what it was like to play kickball when you were a kid? Well, get a team together and have some fun June 19th at Wylie Park for Hub City Radio’s 1st Annual Adult Co-Ed Kickball Tournament. It will be a a double elimination tournament Saturday June 19th at Wylie Park. Teams of 12 are wanted. Cost is just $120 per team. If you’re interested please call us at 229-3632.

*Don’t forget the All Request Lunch Rush weekdays from 12-1pm.  For one full hour you guys control the rock.  Can’t complain about the music if you don’t call in!

*Stump The DJ weekdays at 7:40am.  You have your chance to call in and stump the DJ’s for your chance at scratch tickets from the South Dakota Lottery.  The better the question, the more scratch tickets you could win!


Concert Connection
For tickets, check out the Concert Connection page of The Rock Page on

Wednesday! – Breaking Benjamin, Sick Puppies & Divide The Day – Sioux Falls Convention Center, Sioux Falls, SD
May 14th – Seasons After, Janus, Red, Lacuna Coil, Five Finger Death Punch, Drowning Pool, Seether & Three Days Grace – Husets Speedway, Brandon, SD
May 24th – Puddle Of Mudd with Adelitas Way & Downplay– Ramkota Convention Center, Aberdeen, SD
May 30th – The Unite & Fight Tour with Flyleaf, 10 Years & Fair To Midland – Ramkota Exibit Hall, Sioux Falls, SD
July 10th- Saliva with Shaman’s Harvest and others – Great Aberdeen Pigout, Aberdeen, SD

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