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10 Simple Rules To Request A Song

1) Songs or artists we just played in the past hour or two, don’t request.  Yes you may love Metallica but not everyone wants to hear it all the time

2) We don’t have the albums in studio with us.  So when you tell us an album and what track it is, you’re wasting your breath. Those are called album cuts and they remain exactly just that….on the album.  We have the singles that the record company sends us in a computer.  So if it wasn’t released as a single, chances are you won’t hear it. 

3)  I only have an hour to fill with requests so the later in the hour you are requesting something, the less likely you will hear the song.

4) Its a request, not a requirement.  So don’t get pissy if you request something and don’t hear it.  Pissy will just get you made fun of.

5) You can send us a CD with some great song or artist you think is great.  We’ll listen to it, if it rocks, we’ll play it, if it sucks, we’ll use the CD as a coaster because mom always told us to use coasters.

6A) The more obscure the song, the less likely we’ll play it aka if it’s not mainstream, chances are you are the only one listening to it.

6B) Doc doesn’t have Facebook so if you request something after 2pm, Rusty and I won’t get it till the next day.  We do requests between 6a & 10a and during the Lunch Rush 12p-1p.

7) Don’t violate my biggest pet peeves: Calling to bitch that your song hasn’t been played or calling to ask why your song has been played or keep calling to request the same song.  This is an automatic I won’t play your song.  If you don’t hear your song, pick another one. 

8 ) Don’t request the same thing day after day after day.  Have a variety of songs to request. 

9)  Remember, sucking up to the DJ will get your song played

10) Its a request show, have some fun!

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  1. You forgot one!

    11. Don’t request post-1987 U2 or anything involving Scott Stapp

    Comment by Lonnie | March 8, 2010 | Reply

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