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I’m With Coco

I’m With Coco
If your on Team Conan O’brian, check out the Facebook link to join the group and support Conan.

This whole late night thing is a mess.  Everyone seems to be putting in there two cents so I thougth I would put in my 3.  I’m on team Coco.  I liked watching Leno over Letterman but prefered Conan.  Conan’s show was unpredictable and funny where as Leno’s was pretty predictable.  Easy to fall asleep too.

Those are my 3 cents on the whole thing. 

-To all the guys out there… are welcome.
And your welcome again
Dude, Where’s My Car?
World Famous Streakers

Thats all for today.  Stay safe and SLOW THE EFF DOWN!

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