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Packers Lose!!!! My football picks…

The quote of the day comes from Fox’s Joe Buck: “The Arizona Cardinals Win.”   It was quite the game!  I didn’t catch the 4th quarter because I was at my parents and we were eating taco’s and lets face it taco’s are a big deal. 

I give props to the Packers but the red came through when they needed too…..

Here are my picks for the upcoming week.

Arizona @ New Orleans
This is tough.  The Saints really struggled at the end of the year and Arizona is very inconsistent.  I think I’ll go with the safe pick…New Orleans

Baltimore @ Indianapolis
If Indy had not pulled their starters, they would be undefeated.  My AFC pick for the Super Bowl and the winner of this game….Indy

NY Jets @ San Diego
The Chargers just plain suck in the playoffs and the Jets are getting hot.  This may be my upset pick but I’m going to go with the Jets.

Dallas @ Minnesota
I’m a realistic Vikings fan….While I’ll be rooting for the Vikings Hoping Favre has a career day, I think I’ll be picking the Cowgirls for the simple fact that……Its the Vikings.

So that leaves the Championships….

AFC Championship
NY Jets @ Indianapolis
Indy Indy Indy!!!

NFC Championship
Dallas @ New Orleans
If the Saints somehow make it out of the division championships then my faith in them has been restored.  New Orleans

Indianapolis vs New Orleans
This is tough.  I wouldn’t care who won because I like Indy and NO would be awesome to see win as well.  I think I’ll go with Indy because of Manning.

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