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Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.


Greetings sir’s and sir’sets! Welcome to 2010.

Its been awhile since my last post so I better catch you up with things.

I had a good Christmas.  It was spent in town because of the blizzard.  Thank goodness for people with 4 wheel drive.  I live on an emergency snow route that didn’t get plowed till Sunday.  Don’t these people know I have to get to work??  Thank you to everyone who drove me around over the Christmas blizzard.

I didn’t make it to home in Mellette nor to Britton to see the grandma.  I was disappointed because I bought my brother Mario Cart for Nintendo DS and was planning to play it all of Christmas day with him.  Instead a quiet Christmas was spent in town with friends.  One good thing that did come from being stuck in town was I baked 5 dozen cookies and ate way too much.

New Year Eve was spent counting down the top 94 rock tracks of the past decade on The Rock.  Afterwards Rusty and I went to one of his friends house and….well lets just say more alcohol was involved.  I’m getting old because I was out sleeping at 2:30am.

Well some changes have come on some of our stations.  We have a new Midday jock on Sunny 97.7.   We have completely revamped 930 KSDN and Les is moving to nights on The Rock.

Thats about all.  If your not a fan of any of our stations on Facebook.  BECOME ONE!!! Links to The Rock and Pheasant Country 103 are on the right side of this page.  DO IT NOW!!!!!

You can also follow me on Twitter.  Why did I sign up for Twitter you might ask? I don’t know, I do stupid stuff all the time.

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