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The Hotties Of 94.1 The Rock

Months ago, Rusty and I came up with our top 5 rocker babes list.  Well since then we have added and moved some around.  This just got tougher…

Now for your enjoyment, here are my top 10 hotties of 94.1 The Rock.

#10 Sharon den Adel
Within Temptation

Want a good break up song?  Within Temptation-What Have You Done Now?

#9 scares the crap out of me…..Otep Shamaya

Otep-Smash The Control Machine

#8 Cristina Scabbia
Lacuna Coil

Go ahead…guess her age.  I’ll wait.


Lacuna Coil-Spell Bound

#7 Maria Brink
In This Moment

Saw them open for Ozzy & Rob Zombie down in Sioux City 2 years ago.

In This Moment-Call Me

#6 Lzzy Hale

I agonized over this one for along time….sorry Lzzy.

Halestorm-I Get Off

#5 Emma Anzai
Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies-You’re Going Down

#4 Lacey Mosley

She moved down a spot.  I have just this week acquired a new number 3.


#3 Jen Ledger


#2 Hayley Williams

She went blonde…Do Rusty and I still think she’s hott?  Oh yeah.

Paramore-Crush Crush Crush

#1 Amy Lee

Marry me.

Evanecence-Going Under

Now what do YOU think??

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