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Christmas Fever

I’m usually a scrooge…I really haven’t had good Christmases. Last year my car broke down on my way to Britton to see my grandma.  I spend Christmas Eve night towing my car to Britton and couldn’t fix my car fully till the 28th.

The past 7 years I haven’t really got into the holiday spirit till maybe a couple of days before the 25th.  Thats when I drag out the Santa hat and wear it to work and around town.   I live in an apartment so I usually dont decorate much but I do own a ton of lights and decorations. Plus the past few years I haven’t decorated because I haven’t had no one to share it with.

For some reason this year its diffrent.  I’m already in the holiday mood!  I attribute most of it to me moving back home and the tons of Christmas music ive been listening to lately.

Now I bet your asking, why am I listening to Christmas music this early in the season?  Ive spent the past few work days finding Christmas music in advance of Sunny 97’s flip to all Christmas music.  Plus I’ve been finding a ton of new Christmas music in for Pheasant Country 103 and 94.1 The Rock.

Not only that but the high school football season is over for me calling games for Sunny 97.7 which means basketball season is right around the corner AND NSU is back in basketball mode.  I listened to last nights game on 94.1 The Rock and that got me into the holiday spirit because I know once basketball starts, Christmas isn’t far behind.

I seriously can not wait till I can rearrange my house and put up my Christmas tree and drag out old Christmas decorations I haven’t looked at in about 2 years!I spent Sunday afternoon thinking about where I want to move everything.

Now that its getting dark early, my thoughts are now turning to this.  Driving around with just enough snow on the ground to cover the grass and looking at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music.

Its also helps that Ive got into the holiday spirit so early this year that I work with Mr. Christmas too.  Rusty is hardcore Christmas and gets everyone ready well in advance of Christmas.

Anyone else ready for the holidays????

Football this Saturday night.
Class 11AA Championship game.  Aberdeen Central vs Sioux Falls Washington on the home of the Eagles, ESPN Radio 1420.  Then we wait for an exciting basketball season!

Some big things happened to The Rock today.  Ive joined Rusty Rokit from 8-10am on The Morning Rokit.  We don’t try to be funny, we’re just who we are.

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