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U2 Sucks

  Before you read my blog for today, make sure you read this article I found.

 First of all let me say I HATE U2.  Hate them.  I have a U2, R.E.M. no play guarantee when I am on the air weekdays on The Rock.  U2 hasn’t been relevant since ’87 when Joshua tree came out.  There latest album No Line On The Horizon sucked.  I threw up in my mouth when we played a song off that album on The Rock.  One day Rusty, Doc and I actually made the collective decision to NOT play anything off that album and pulled Get On Your Boots.

 Now its time to pick apart the article that I mentioned above.

 “We weren’t really in that mindset and we felt that the album was a kind of an almost extinct species.”

 U2 is an extinct species.  Every song off that album sucked.  Nothing rocked, hence why top 40 stations picked up your songs.  If your going to make a rock album, make sure it rocks.

 “What is rock ‘n ‘roll in this changing world? Because, to some extent, the concept of the music fan–the concept of the person who buys music and listens to music for the pleasure of music itself–is an outdated idea.”

 Again, does U2 even know how to make a rock song?  All they know how to do is make top 40 songs.  Nothing off the last few albums has rocked. 

 “The biggest danger for a band like U2 is accepting that you’ve reached a certain age, and, therefore you can just actually sit back. That’s not what we signed up to do. We want to make relevant, great music.”

 You haven’t made great, relevant music since the 80’s.  You should just sit back and accept U2 isn’t relevant anymore.  Continue to do the charity work but leave the music to groups who actually rock and are relevant in today’s society.

 Sorry, it just really ticked me off when I read that article how U2 isn’t selling well so they automatically think rock music is dead.  Before you open your mouth make sure you’re in a band that actually rock and is relevant.

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