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H1N1 Part 2

Well its been over a week since I last wrote about my spat with H1N1.  Thought I would write an update.

I was starting to feel human again last Wednesday.  My fever had not come back for 24 hours so I made the decision to go back to work last Thursday.  Big mistake!

I felt pretty well to start out Thursday but by the time I got done with the Lunch Rush I felt horrible.  So I hurried up and finished what I was doing and went home early Thursday.  My fever had come back.  Up to 101 at times and by the end of the night my diarrhea had come back too.  Because of the fever the desicsion was made for me to take Friday off of work and take the weekend to feel better.

Friday was tough.  I felt pretty nasty but I kept drinking Gateraide and I napped too.  But my lungs were starting to clear up.  I could lay down with out wheezing and hacking up a lung so that was an encouraging sign.

By Saturday I was feeling better and I was hungry.  I wouldn’t eat much but I would spread it through out the day.  Eat a little here and a little there.   I would still get pretty tired after doing just simple tasks.  Sunday was the day where I felt the best in a week so I decided to go back to work Monday.

I shaved off my 8 day sick beard Monday morning.  It was glorious! I also  I left work a little early Monday because I was super tired.  I still get tired very quickly and I don’t eat much at a sitting but Ive been trying to spread it out through the day.  I still feel the need to take a nibulizer treatment in the morning and at night before I go to bed but my lungs are clearing up more.  I still go through coughing spurts but now I can actually cough something up where as before I couldn’t.  Gross I know….

Here’s hoping by the end of the week I am feeling 50% better and get the majority of my strength back.  If you get this nasty H1N1 stuff, I feel for you.  Its a long road to recovery.

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  1. hey glad to hear your feeling better…just to let you know you weren’t the only person who went back to work early mom had linda pass out at work i can’t remember if it was earlier this week or last week but she was gone so linda called her letting her know that she passed out but yeah be careful because thats what happens when you come back to work too early from being so sick.

    Comment by Your llittle sis | November 6, 2009 | Reply

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