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In The Dark

First of all I would like to start out by thanking the good people in Warner for shutting the stadium lights off on me Friday night.  After the game, I had my equipment packed up and I was out taking the Sunny 97.7 banner down and… goes dark….they shut off the stadium lights, leaving me at the top of the stadium and to go down the wet, slippery steps and across the muddy field in the dark.  Thanks!

I remember stuff like that.  Last year as the voice of the Milbank Bulldogs, I was in Clark for a bball game.  They set me up on an unstable piece of plywood with a desk.  When I complained that the plywood was unstable, they told me I was full of **** and even if it was, their was nothing they could do about it……

Last year, again as the voice of the Milbank Bulldogs, I was in Redfield for a bball game and they put me right next to the band/student section where I couldn’t hear myself think.  Then the student section tried to….I guess say psych me out while I was on air.  Plus you couldn’t see the score board!

Ahh the life of the play-by-play broadcaster….isn’t it grand??

Football THURSDAY night………..
Aberdeen Central @ Pierre on ESPN Radio 1420
Langford/Roslyn @ Ipswich on Sunny 97.7
(where I know they WONT shut the lights off till EVERYONE is gone)

Hard to believe that its the end of the football season!

The All Request Lunch Rush.  Weekdays from noon-1pm on 94.1 The Rock.  Write that down…..
Get your requests in at 725-ROCK or email

Here are some tips for requesting music because some people don’t know how.

Requesting tip #1: KNOW THE STATION YOUR CALLING!!!!!
Requesting tip #2: Know the format of the station you’re calling
Requesting tip #3: Be original! Metallica, AC/DC, Slipknot ect…by the time you’ve requested them, someone already has requested it.
Requesting tip #4: Have fun and be excited!

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