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Dear Agony Album Review

Let’s start off with football this Friday night.

Aberdeen Central @ Sturgis, 7pm on ESPN Radio 1420
Aberdeen Roncalli vs Clark/Willow Lake, 7pm @ Clark on Pheasant Country 103
Ipswich vs Eureka/Bowdle @ Eureka, 7pm on Sunny 97.7

I’m not much of an album guy.  I tend to only buy singles off of Itunes and go from there.  I do make rare exceptions for some of my favorate bands such as: Seether, Three Days Grace, Nickelback, Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin.

Yesterday the fourth album from Breaking Benjamin was released entitled Dear Agony.

Its a quick listen to as the whole CD is only about 42 minutes and 11 tracks long.

1. Fade Away
2. I Will Not Bow
3. Crawl
4. Give Me A Sign
5. Hopeless
6. What Lies Beneath
7. Anthem Of The Angels
8. Lights Out
9. Dear Agony
10. Into The Nothing
11. Without You

The first thing I try to do is listen for the singles that might be released off this album.  The current single, I Will Not Bow is not my favorite track off this album.  The title track Dear Agony is my favorite track from this album.  Followed by Anthem Of The Angels which features strings in the background which makes any rock song better. Ala Scorpions-Hurricane 2000.  Of course BB combines Ben’s trademark growl with his vocal range that we all have come to know and love. Fink’s guitar work is something you need to hear to appreciate.

If I had to pick the 4 singles off this album they would include

1. I Will Not Bow
2. Anthem Of The Angels
3. Crawl
3. Dear Agony

If you get a chance pick up Dear Agony.  In my opinion Dear Agony is not quite as good as the 2006 Phobia album but still a great listen but keep in mind these guys could sing a song about something horrific and I would still love them.

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