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On The Soap Box

Ok, I’m going to get on my soap box for a bit.  I was doing some things today and it reminded of something that I have a bone to pick with and that’s what people call affordable housing and landlords.

Now for the most part, we have all had some nasty landlords.  Myself included have had at least 2 in Aberdeen and one in Watertown that I tell people to NEVER rent from.  I’ve been extremely lucky the past 3 times and have gotten good landlords.  My current one is great.  If I ever have a problem (and I have) they get it fixed right away and are very hands off.  This landlord I would recommend to anyone.

Now on to affordable housing.  I read an article in the American News a few months back about the need for affordable housing in Aberdeen.  I agree with this and have since I first moved to Aberdeen in 2003.  Back then I didn’t have a problem with finding clean affordable housing but this time around was a major problem.  Everything under $500 a month was very dirty and cramped and was made up of basements and I couldn’t afford anything over $500.  Heck, I’m stretching it right now with my rent being at $485.  I’m extremely happy with the place I have now.  Its clean, its quiet (minus my neighbor upstairs when he gets drunk) and its roomy. 

My problem is with what big wigs who make twice my salary a year think affordable housing is.  First read this article.  In this article they state:

The development will have two- and three-bedroom apartments, Morris said. The two-bedroom units will be 900 square feet with rents of between $800 and $830 a month for people with limited incomes. The three-bedroom units will be 1,200 square feet. People who meet income requirements will be able to rent them for $960 a month.

Ok, people with limited incomes won’t be ABLE to afford rent between $800 and $960 a month.  They say the general rule of thumb is your rent or house payment should be about ¼ of your take home pay a month and if that’s the case, you can buy a house with a ton more room for the same amount as your paying for “affordable housing.” Come on people, get it together, how about apartments that start at $500 and BELOW! That’s affordable housing!

I lived in two, two bedroom apartments and a two bedroom duplex in Watertown for under $500 a month.  I lived in Milbank in a spacious one bedroom apartment with 6 closets, a full kitchen and dining room for $350 a month (god I miss that place). My three other apartments when I lived in Aberdeen were all under $400 a month. 

Sorry to get on my soap box but it upsets me when big wigs think they know what us little people want when they don’t have a clue.  What do you think affordable housing is? 

In music news……….
Count them….3 albums drop today
Alice In Chains-Black Gives Way To Blue
Lynyrd Skynyrd-God & Guns
and the most important of them all…………………..
Breaking Benjamin-Dear Agony.

Guess what album I’ll be picking up after work?

Random things found today
Jon & Kate Plus 8 will soon be simply Kate Plus Eight.
Really?  Who didn’t see this one coming and are her 15 minutes up yet?  They seem to be taking forever!

I was glued to the radio in game one this afternoon.  I’ll be glued to the TV tonight.  Remember, you can catch the games on 930 KSDN.

Ron Gardenhire best skipper in baseball??
You better believe it.

Thats all for today….word.

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  1. There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.

    Comment by Tnelson | September 30, 2009 | Reply

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