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Things Found Today 9/22

I dont have much time this week but I’ll try to throw some stuff together. Well lets start out with the football on the air this Friday night.

-Aberdeen Central vs Mitchell…early start because of homecoming 7pm on the home of the Golden Eagles for the past 35 years, ESPN Radio 1420.
-Aberdeen Roncalli @ Deuel (Clear Lake) 7pm on Pheasant Country 103
-Ipswich vs Sully Buttes on Sunny 97.7

Plus dont forget you can listen online too at

On to the things found today……

Authorities taking their time in Jackson case
Really?  He’s dead, can’t we celebrate his music and move on? 

Northwestern remains number one in the recent Class B volleyball poll
After coming in second last year in the state B, they have a chip on their shoulder.  Northwestern vs Warner again in v-ball this Thursday night and yes, Jay Dean and myself will be doing the usual betting.  Incase you don’t know, I graduated from NW in 02 and Jay lives in Warner.  So when ever those two play the loser has to go on the respected person’s show and tell about how great the winner is.

Man Sentenced For Drunk Driving With Child
Really? People that do that kinda stuff should be locked up and the keys thrown away.


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