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Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.

Things found today 9/15

Happy middle of September.  Isnt this month going by fast??  Hard to believe the Brown County Fair was only a month ago and we are in the MIDDLE of the high school football season.

The big news of the day is Patrick Swayze passing.

The Jay Leno show premiered last night.

I only caught the last 10 minutes of it as I was busy watching football.  It looked like the old Tonight Show which I was a big fan of.  I guess we’ll see how this experiment works.  I wasnt a fan of any of those hosts moving.  Then I became a really big fan of the show hosts not moving when I saw that Jimmy Fallon was taking over Late Night.  My motto, Jimmy Fallon = Fail.

Football this Friday night

#2 Aberdeen Central @ Watertown on ESPN Radio 1420
#3 Aberdeen Roncalli vs #5 Britton/Hecla on Pheasant Country 103
Ipswich @ Northwestern on Sunny 97.7

I’ll be doing the Ipswich vs Northwestern game.  It will be a homecoming for me as I graduated from NW in 02′.  You can listen to all of the games online at

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