Your Daily Adjustment

Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.

Random Things Found Today

Its been really quiet around HCR this past week or so.  It gives me plenty of time to sit around and day dream of new blog entries.

Im still working on the hotties of the conteporary music scene.  AKA the Point FM list…that should be coming soon.

But until then, here is some random stuff that I found as I was killing time today with my commentary which I know everyone looks forward too.

The Worlds Oldest Dog Dies
Awe…she was so cute.  How could you not say no to that face?

The Best And Worst Pizza’s In America

I had to stop reading this article because it made me hungry.  I’m thinkin’ maybe Thazza tonight for supper now??

The Duggars are expecting their 19th child.

When your grandchild is older then your youngest, its time to get snipped.  That’s just crazy.

Megan Fox wont be the new Catwoman.

I speak of all the guys across the world when I say….Damn!

Brent Favre’s dirty block

Dumb dumb dumb…he threw it with his surgically repaired shoulder too.  Dude, settle down turbo. Its just the preseason.

Ricky Rubio wont be coming to the T-wolves…this season.

Dua! He only wanted to play in a city with major market power like LA or NY.  Although the T-wolves hold the rights to him for the NBA, he’ll never be a Timberwolf.

Football this week on HCR stations go as follows on Friday:
-Aberdeen Roncalli vs Groton Area, 7pm on the home for Roncalli sports, Pheasant Country 103 & Online with streaming audio & video at  The voice of the Cavaliers Scott Solberg with the call.

-Aberdeen Central at Huron, 7pm on the home for everything Golden Eagle, ESPN Radio 1420.  Streaming online too at  I’ll be doing some fill in work for the voice of the Golden Eagles Jay K this week.

-Ipswich vs Leola/Frederick, 7pm on the home for Tiger football this year, Sunny 97.7.  Mr. Sheriff himself Les Helms with the call.  Online too at


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