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Bone To Pick

Read this article that was in todays Aberdeen American News.  Its a very interesting artcle on how the BCF books acts…

One line sticks out at me….

In past years, rock acts have proven to be less popular with fans than country singers or bands.

Really??  Pepper Entertainment estimated almost 9,000 downtown for the Pig Out and Jade Presents said we had almost a sold out show of 1,000 for Saving Abel & Pop Evil.  The Romeo Agency of Omaha, Nebraska needs to take another look at bringing a rock act to Aberdeen.  They haven’t tried since 2002.  Almost 7 years!!!!  Rock is alive and well in Aberdeen and the two concerts we had this past year in Aberdeen prove it!

Ok not that im complaining about the country acts that have been here but would it kill them to bring a rock act?  Not what the state fair does, bring in a classic rock act but a new rock act?  All I’m saying is the BCF should give it another shot. 

In other news…Bri and I will be doing our shows on PC 103 live and direct from the fair Thurs-Sat.  Stop by and visit with us!  Plus I hear rumblings of in a couple of weeks ALL of our stations you will be able to listen to online at


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