Your Daily Adjustment

Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.


The old Wendy’s commercials used to ask, where’s the beef?  Around here we’ve been asking, where’s the heat?  Its here!  Pierre could get its first 100 degree day this year!  Wierd, I know!

Sad….Billy Mays was on coke….not the drink, the other coke.  I guess we all kind of knew that with they way he shouted at you to buy his products.  Its ok he was on coke though, he was a family man.  That makes it alright haha.

Ive been struggling to come up with blog ideas.  So I shall turn to the news…

Rattlesnakes in Aberdeen???? 

Nightmares!!!!  I hate snakes!!  I won’t walk in the grass around here anymore.  Not kidding….

Camp Dream Makers  

Attend this charity run…This camp is a great cause.

The Brown County Fair is next week….we are gearing up for it.  I’ll be doing my show on Pheasant Country 103 Thurs-Sat from the boombox so come by and say hi.

This concludes today’s addition of Brent’s Boring Blog


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