Your Daily Adjustment

Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.


We don’t have good luck with fish out here at HCR. Well, I take that back. We had fish when I first started that according to some accounts lasted up to a year. When they died, Bri bought Vince aka The Shamwow Guy. We named him that because he was just so ugly. Shallow? Yes…funny? Yes! Vince only lasted a few weeks.



When he died we collectively said we all wanted Beta fish….well we have not one but TWO new additions to the HCR crew. introducing Billy Mays & Swarzak! We named this fish Billy Mays for our intense love for the greatest man that ever lived Billy Mays….plus he’s blue and Billy wore blue shirts.

Billy Mays

Billy Mays

We named Swarzak after our favorite pitcher on the Twins Anthony Swarzak. Just because its fun to say when he’s pitching…..”GET EM’ SWARZAK!!!” Try it next time he takes the mound on Friday.



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