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Fully Stimulated!

For those that didn’t know, I went to the Stimulate This Tour: Lo-Pro/Halestorm/Chevelle/Shinedown/Staind last night at the Swiftel Center in Brookings. 

First of all let me say that I was very impressed with the Swiftel Center.  There were no bad seats in the house.  I also need to through a big thanks to Isaac Allan of Power 106 in Watertown for the ticket and the opportunity to go with Watertown’s biggest radio personality and to my mom who let me take her camera.  She let me take it because she couldn’t go so she wanted to see pictures.

And now ladies and gentlemen……The Stimulate This Concert Review

We got to the Swiftel Center about 5:30 to wait in line….My first though was wow, there is no one here.  We got through security and found our seats.  The first act was Lo-Pro.  They weren’t too bad.  I might have to check out there Myspace page to listen to some more of there music.  They played for about 15 minutes.


Halestorm:  I’ve never seen Halestorm. Wow!  They only played for a half hour but they brought the house down.  The drummer is INSANE!  He was doing the metal long hair twirl the whole time he was drumming.  He went into a drum solo and the whole band brought out a drum set and started drumming along with him.  It was a full on band drum solo.  It was nuts.  Plus Lizzy Hale, what can you say about her but cute as a button.  I think I have a new future ex wife.


Chevelle:  I’ve seen Chevelle once before and they never disappoint.  Isaac and I ended up going to get beer right in the middle of there set so I didn’t get to see much but we heard a lot of it.  They played for about a half hour.  Got to hear the new track Jars plus all there other “classic” tracks.  They opened with The Clincher which is one of my favs.


Shinedown: In my opinion. the true headliner of the night.  Any band with a lead singer named Brent has to be pure awesome.  I saw them last year in Sioux Falls at KRRO fest with Buckcherry. After there set, I think the Swiftel Center will never be the same. They are everything I look for in a live show.  They pump you up, interact with the crowd plus they rock your face off with the new stuff and there older stuff.  They played for one of the best hours of my life.  I’m a huge fan, can you tell?


Staind:  I saw Staind last year at the Sioux Empire Fair.  They rock but they are pretty method.  They don’t interact with the crowd and they don’t really pump you up.  They just go from one song to another.  Isaac and I left in the middle because if you’ve seen Staind once, you pretty much know what the shows going to be like the second time around. 


So there you go.  My concert review of Stimulate This at the Swiftel Center.  Check out more pictures I took on The Rocks Facebook fan page.

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