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I went fishing with my dad and my little brother over the weekend.  We went to Chamberlain and fished by the old railroad bridge.  It was extremely fun to get out of the house for a change and travel but this is really the first time us guys have done something together for a change.

We started fishing about 11am and quit about 3 because we were all hot and tired.  We only caught one fish, a carp, threw it back.  We had a couple of things happen in Chamberlain that really makes me not want to go back to the town.

We were at a gas station getting minnows.  My dad was in the back taking quite awhile and the kid at the counter (I say kid but I think he was the same age as me) was pokin’ fun of my dad in front of me for taking so long.   Turns out my dad was pokin’ through the tank because most of the minnows were dead and he was tryin’ to get alive ones.

The second place was a fast food place I had trouble with here in Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago.  The same fast food place in Chamberlain we discovered does not take checks.  The 15 year old kid behind the counter was very rude telling us that then when he proceeded to turn around and make our order, you could tell he was pokin’ fun of us and our checks because he did the low talk, turn over the shoulder while talking at you thing….

Needless to say I was not pleased with any of that.  I won’t be stopping back through there anytime soon.

Gearing up for Staind/Shinedown/Chevelle/Halestorm this Sunday night!!!!!  I can’t wait.

Also, we started a Facebook fan page for 930 KSDN & Rusty’s Rev It Up & Rock Show.  Check it out!!

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