Your Daily Adjustment

Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.

Tuckers New Adventure


It’s been quite awhile since Tucker had one of his many misadventures at Hub City Radio. Truth be told, during the “dog” days of summer. Tucker doesn’t do a whole lot.

So we followed Tucker one day to see exactly what the day in the life of Tucker holds.

Picture 002

10am….Stare at Vince The Fish

Picture 010


 11:47am…..Go up front and dance to Lady Gaga by Nikki’s computer.

Picture 003

1:26pm….stare at the post of Shania in the Pheasant Country 103 studio.

Picture 005

2:14pm…..Pretend’s he’s Irish.

Picture 001

2:33pm….study the books on how to fix the transmitter so he can be ready at a moments notice when Don need’s him.

Picture 009

2:34pm… bored… copy butt….we found a collection of diffrent poses he has taken’ over the past few months.

Picture 007

3:02pm….dive head first into a big bag of M&M’s

Picture 006

3:57pm…..Drank 12 glasses of mountain fuzz out of a Kyle Busch glass

Picture 011

4:22pm….pass out in the water cooler due to sugar coma..I guess you could say Tucker was tuckered out….

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