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Pet Peeves

Happy Monday to everyone! Ok, that’s as chipper as I get on a Monday. I had one of those nights where I was up till 2am looking at my ceiling. I just could not sleep and when I cant sleep, I get grump and when I get grumpy, my pet peeves kick in.

So today were going to talk about pet peeves. I have lots of them. What are yours??? Here are just a few of mine.

-People that use the turning lane as a merge lane. Your going to kill someone by doing that!!!!
-Now I’m guilty of this one, people that talk to you while your on the phone. Drives me up the wall. Or the people that tell you to tell the person your on the phone with something.
-People that ride there bikes right in the middle of the street. Get to the far side of the street people or better yet, use the damn sidewalk.
-People in pickups or semis that pass you going 50 miles over the speed limit in a snow storm. This happened to me all the time last winter while I was driving all across SD to call games. Just because you have 4 wheel drive or are bigger then me, doesn’t give you the right to almost put me in the ditch and kill me.
-Rude people. Especially in the service industry. I was a waiter and I know you can have bad days and moron customers but walking away from the till is just rude. Yes, I had that happen to me a few weeks back at a local fast food place here in town. I gave them another chance bout a week later and still got really bad service. (They forgot part of my order, again.)
-Telemarketers. I have the solution to this though and you can use it too. When they call The Rock line or the PC 103 line, I tell them they have called a radio station and they are live on the air (In reality I don’t do that) Its amazing how quick they hang up.
-People that don’t turn there phone off at the movie. That’s just plain rude. If your expecting an important call, put it on silent and when you get it, walk out of the theater. Oh, I’ll throw people that talk at the movies too.
-People that cant park. They take up 3 or more spots in the parking lot. This gets really bad in the winter when people use the force to park. Apparently the force is not strong with them. The band Lonestar chronicled this once when they were in town for the Brown County Fair and put it on you tube. Click here to check it out. Its really funny.
-12 year olds that wear clothing not age appropriate. That one’s self explanatory.
-People that don’t know how to hold there alcohol and start fights. Ok, people who try to pick fights in general. What’s the point???
-Going to a busy retail store and there are only a few check out lines open with a ton more unmanned.
-Talking to your friends while I’m trying to pay for gas. This happens to me all the time. I go into a convince store, the person behind the counter is talking to their friends and they fail to acknowledge me. They just take the money while continuing the conversation with there friends.

Now its your turn, I want to hear about YOUR pet peeves. Leave me a comment with yours.

On another note. The concert was ROCKIN!!!!! Now we are gearing up for Candlebox on Friday! Be nice to me tomorrow on PC 103 as Im filling in for Krenz and wont be fully awake!

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