Your Daily Adjustment

Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.

RIP Josh

We lost our other fish out here last week.  He went to the big toilet bowl in the sky.  So we got another fish.  Its a bubble fish.

This has to be the ugliest fish I have ever seen.  The fish bowl sits right on my desk so I have pleasure of looking at it for most of the day.  It seems like its trying to escape the bowl.

We had some trouble coming up with a name for the fish.  I wanted askit.  Bri wanted Billy Mays in honor of him and Lord Rokit wanted Vince Shlomi, aka the Sham Wow guy.  Vince won out because the fish is just so creepy looking.  He’ll start beating up hookers here soon.

Now on to other news of the day.  Here is my Oscar bit for the year.  NOOOOO WHY GOD, WHY? NOT BILLY MAYS!!!  WHY COULDN’T YOU HAVE TAKIN THE SHAM WOW GUY INSTEAD? His beard was made of steel wool, his voice was coated with platinum, his blue shirts were made of Egyptian cotton, his products were legendary. He was all that is man. The best for today…..(972): they say celebs die in threes. Leave it to Billy Mays to throw in one extra COMPLETELY FREE!

Wednesday is the big day!  Saving Abel, Pop Evil & Taddy Porter at the Ramkota.  Click here to find out the full concert details.  The Thursday after the concert is going to suck for me because I am filling in for Krenz that morning!  Be nice to me that day.  I won’t be fully awake that morning.

Be listening to PC 103 this week.  I have free passes to The Rumble On The Prairie to be held this Saturday in Leola.

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