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Storm Chase 6-24

Wow! What a night in the storm department! About 7pm I noticed some dark skies to the north of my apartment so I flipped on the TV and saw the severe weather coverage!

I texted Rusty to see if he wanted to go storm chasing to the north of us but he said he was busy. Didn’t find out till today it was because he was getting some tattoo’s, so I’ll let that slide. So I watched the storm coverage on TV because I’m a dork and enjoy watching that. About 8:30pm they popped the tornado warning for the Groton area. I had, had it. I was going storm chasing.

I called Bri and she wanted to tag along so I went and picked her up and we headed east. The storm was moving to fast and I got started too late so I missed the Andover tornado. I did however get some cool cloud pictures.

Storm 6-24-09 2Storm 6-24-09

I’m a big believer in karma.  It came back to bite Bri in the butt today.  She was poking fun at me and I mentioned that karma was going to come back to haunt her.  Well, she went to go get some chips from the snack machine and low and behold, they got stuck! 

The Karma Stuck Chips

The Karma Stuck Chips

I thought that was really funny. 

Well my esteemed colleges and partners in crime.  Until next time!

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