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Severe Weather 6/16/09

What a day! Tornadoes & Hail & Flooding, Oh My!

That is some pictures of the Menno tornado. I’m still trying to find pictures of the Wessington and Hand Co tornadoes. If there is a link where I can see them, email me.

The day started out normal yesterday. There want any indication that something was going to happen. I got done with Sports Talk at 9am and went into the studio and pulled up the radar and kind of followed a cell that had developed south of Aberdeen. Not really a big deal. Pretty typical for me. I thought we were just going to get some rain from a summer time thunderstorm. Boy was I wrong.

About 11am the boss man comes down the hall saying I should go out to video tape the flooding! I was kind of taken’ back. Wow, flooding! So I jump into the radio rocket and check out the town. There were lots of places where I had to stop and pull off the road because there were no way I was going through that deep water.

I can’t believe how many people I watched drive through deep water. I honestly didn’t feel sorry for people driving through water and got stuck.

I came back to the station about noon in prep of going what I like to call “going Weather Eye” on the storm.  I handed the keys to the radio rocket and the camera off to video Brian and headed for the KSDN-AM studio.

If you want to check out the video and pictures of the flood, go to the front page of our website and click on the flood 2009 banner. 

We were covering the flood when a bulletin came out from the NWS that stated tornadoes were possible.  Wow! I don’t think ANYONE saw all of this coming.  I lost count of how many tornado warnings we covered yesterday.  After it was all said and done, between Rustolium and myself we did 6 hours of severe weather coverage. 

I’m such a weather nerd.  I love doing severe weather coverage.  I always have.  The only time its not fun is when  you have to relay damage reports from tornadoes.  Let us know what you thought of the weather coverage. Email

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