Your Daily Adjustment

Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.


Today, I turn 26. The best birthday gift would be a storm chase in Kansas where it’s going to tornado today……….or ice cream cake. Both at the same time would be messy but AWESOME!

It never fails. Mark it down. June 15th every year since I can remember, it has rained/stormed sometime during the day. Today was no diffrent.

I have a life tip for you.
Brent Nathaniel Life Tip #98: 15 shots of jag + 7 beers = rough morning.

Obviously I went and celebrated my birthday Saturday night. Someone should not allow me to have a phone when I go out either.

Also, check out the videos of the week on The Rock has a really funny video about Megan Fox and PC 103 has a video about this massive tool doing a live shot on TV.

Congrats to The Rock page on Facebook. We reached 300 fans today! Check out to become a friend or a fan of ALL of our stations. We have links set up for you.

Less then a month away till Saving Abel. (tickets still on sale at our studios) July is going to be a busy concert month for me. Saving Abel on the 1st, Candlebox on the 10th, then Shinedown/Chevelle/Staind/Halestorm on the 26th. I’m making up for lost time in the concert department next month.

That’s all. Have a good Monday everyone and I’ll be waiting for the presents to come haha

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