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Do You Still Have TV?

Do You Still Have TV?

Basically the digital TV switch goes like this: If you have an older TV and don’t have a converter box and a new pair of digital rabbit ears.  You’re SOL.  All others will be alright.  If you have cable, it doesn’t matter how old your TV is, you’re going to be fine.

And that concludes your digital TV lesson.  See, I try to inform as well as entertaining. 

The focus of today’s blog though is a blog off between the long haired hippy (now long haired hippy at heart) Bri and myself.  We talked about blogging about your top 5 rock bands/artists. 

Here are my top 5.
5. Shinedown Shinedown
Any band with a Brent in the band is awesome by me. Plus what they did to Simple Man still brings me to tears every time (in a good way). Plus they can go from Devour to Second Chance.  Saw them in concert once and hopefully again in July.

4. Three Days Grace 3 days grace
From the pop stuff to the rock stuff (ala Riot to Never To Late), they constantly produce a song that I love. The lyrics to some of there songs are great too.  Saw them once in concert.

3. Seether Seether
Disclaimer II locked me into these guys then Karma & Effect then Finding Beautiy in Negative Spaces. Again there lyrics constantly amaze me and I think that’s what makes them one of the greatest bands. Ive seen them in concert 3 times now.

2. Nickelback Nickelback
Ok, maybe I just like bands that can do the pop stuff then melt your face off. I’ve seen these guys twice in concert and they were AMAZING. I hope they come around here again. I would wait in line to buy the new CD but thankfully the internet says I don’t have to (thank you Itunes!).  Ive seen them twice in concert.

1. Breaking Benjamin Breaking Benjamin
Ben Burnley = genius………enough said.  Saw them once.  Can’t wait too see them again!


Now what I consider a top 5 artist, you might not but I think of this in the terms of if they come out with a new album or a new single, I’m there buying it not matter how much it costs.  When the said band is in the area, I’m attending that concert no matter how much it costs.  Plus keep in mind, I am a new rock guy.  Although I like the classic rock, I prefer the new stuff.

Now my honorable mentions in no particular order……….
Van Halen
Pearl Jam
Theory Of A Deadman
Green Day
Motley Crue

My honorable mentions are bands I like but I’ll hold off buying anything new from them or will just buy a single and not the album.  That’s one big pet peeve I have is classic rock artists still going at it and producing single after single after single that doesn’t do anything……sorry, I went off on a little tangent there.  Although the classic rock artists I have listed, I would go see in a heart beat but pray to god they stay away from the new stuff. 

So there you go!
Remember, my birthday is on Monday. I expect lots of presents……..or booze.

Now click on the link below for some Friday laughs…………..
I”M ON A BOAT!!!!!!!

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  1. Until you add Tool to the list, I’ll have to dimiss…you Neil Young Hater ;0)

    Comment by krenz | June 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. Nice!

    Comment by flash | July 7, 2009 | Reply

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