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Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.


Well first of all let me start out by telling my dad get better.  He’s in the hospital right now and most likely will have to have surgery in the next few days.   My mom said this morning something about a compacted bowel around a hernia. 

Surprisingly I can tell you that this really isn’t a shock to my family, dad being in the hospital.  We have and do spend a lot of time in there.  We joke about having a wing of the hospital named after us.  I myself have spent quite a bit of time in the hospital with my back.  I have scoliosis and my 8th grade year I had major surgery to put rods in my back that kept me in the hospital for about a week and knocked me out of school for almost a month.  My Junior year in high school, I got a staff infection in my back and had the rods removed.  That hospital stay was over a week and knocked me out of school for about 3 weeks.  I’m doing fine now (knock on wood).

One of us in the family makes a trip to a hospital sometime in the year.  Most of the time it’s my dad, it’s usually twice a year for him.   In 2009, this will be my dads second time and my sister had a scare about a month before her graduation this year with her heart.

We even have a system down when it comes to the hospital.  We know what blankets to bring.  What to buy for entertainment options.  It’s become quite a process.  I still have fond memories of playing with my ninja turtles on the hospital floor and going to Kesslers for supper.

But I digress….just wanted to wish my dad a get better.

Congrats to Mike Levsen on winning another 5 years a mayor.  I didn’t vote.  Not because I didn’t want to, its because I’m still registered for Spink county.

RIP Tanea the fish……

Oh, this Friday, join me as I broadcast at Kens Shell Express in Groton.  It’s another filler up Friday!!!!!!


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