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June 2009 Movie Preview

Wow, Ive really was slacking on this blogging thing.  I got super busy last week with people being gone.  I had to fill in here and pick up doing this there but its all back to normal this week. 

We introduced something new this week.  You can become a friend with 94.1 The Rock & Pheasant Country 103 on Myspace and you can become a fan of both stations on Facebook.   Just something new we are trying to see how well it works out.  You can find us on there or the easiest way is to just visit

We are inching closer to the concert date as well.  We already have an interview lined up with Taddy Porter on June 23rd & Saving Abel is coming out to the station the day of the concert for an interview.  If you haven’t gotten tickets for the concert, why the hell not????

Saving Abel, Pop Evil & Taddy Porter
July 1st, Ramkota in Aberdeen
Tickets are $25 (cash only) at our studios on south highway 281

I’m a big fan of Conan O’Brian when he was on Late Night, so I took in The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian last night.  It was Conan in true style.  I felt however it was a little toned down from Late Night but all in all, it was a good show.  Oh, Will Ferrell’s new movie looks like another bomb.  He’s one of those guys like Mike Myers who just needs to go away for a few years then come back so we can appreciate his type of humor and not have it shoved down our throats year after year.  Big fans of both of them, but you can only handle so much. 

Speaking of movies, here is my June 2009 movie preview:

June 5th
The Hangover: Looks really good, Thumbs Up
Land Of The Lost:  That’s enough Will Ferrell, Thumbs Down

My Life In Ruins:  Wha…???, Neutral

Winner: The Hangover

June 12
Imagine That:  Another Eddie Murphy kid’s movie?  What ever happened to the Beverly Hills Cop Eddie Murphy??  Thumbs Down

Pelham 123: This looks REALLY good, Thumbs Up

Winner: Pelham 123

June 19
The Proposal:  Any movie with Ryan Reynolds has my vote, Thumbs Up

Year One:  Jack Black & Michael Cera TOGETHER?  4 Thumbs Up

Winner: Year One

June 24
Transformers 2:  Megan Fox & Transformers go together like peanut butter & jelly, Thumbs Up

June 26
My Sisters Keeper:  Chick flick.  Thumbs Down

Winner for the weekend: Transformers 2

Any one want to go to a movie??????

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