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Professor Chaos

So Bri called me boring yesterday in her blog.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, go ahead, I’ll wait………

Did you read that??  I know!!!!  I think she called me boring because she is too intimidated to talk to me!  After all I am Brent Nathaniel.  People know me.  I am a HUGE deal along the I29 corridor.  I dominated the air waves in that area for over 4 years. 

Ok, I don’t really think that…..I am kind of a quiet person.  I keep to myself.  I drink a lot of Mtn Dew and watch a lot of TV.  So I guess I am boring.  I cant think of anything mean to call Bri so touche Bri…..

So the long haired hippy is still in Vegas.  Its been rather quiet around here with out him.  I’m enjoying the quiet.  I haven’t made fun of him on air as much as I should.  I might have to make up for that tomorrow.  I’m off my game today because I cant think of any smack talk about him today either……..

Man, I think I am slipping in my old age.  I’m becoming too nice.  I think I should just snap and become like Butters on South Park and mold myself in the Professor Chaos.  That will show em’ all!!!!!

Ok maybe not…..I’ll just sit here in my mock “office” and drink more Mtn Dew and listen to the radio.

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