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Candlebox & Saving Abel

2 big rock acts are coming to Aberdeen over the summer.  If you were listening at noon on 94.1 The Rock you already know whos coming to the Great Aberdeen Pigout.

The lineup also includes: Core, Mecury To Mars & Sick Of Sarah.

Ive seen Core in Sioux Falls about a year and a half ago and they were really good.  Make sure you go to this concert!!!!!!!
See the lineup at

Also don’t forget……….
Jade Presents & 94.1 The Rock bringing to Aberdeen:

Saving Abel! Along with Pop Evil & Taddy Porter on July 1st at the Ramkota in Aberdeen.  Tickets are $25 (cash only) and you can get your tickets at our studios. 

Now don’t get me wrong everyone that clicked over from PC 103, I am excited for Blake Shelton & Luke Bryan at the Brown County Fair in August.  Im just really stoked that not one but two rock acts are coming to Aberdeen!  We need to support both concerts so we can continue to bring rock acts to Aberdeen.

Rusty and Scott have a band of the day that they do on a regular basis.  Well today they decided to have a sort of cleansing of the souls; meaning we all confess our “guilty pleasures bands” we love to listen to but wouldnt want to be caught dead listening to in public.
In no specific order here are mine…..

Avril Lavigne….I have an obsession…she will be my wife someday.  Wait, shes already married? Damn.
Rush…..That got me alot of flack from Hippy Boy as he hates Rush.
Miranda Lambert….Kerosene is a great song….my future ex wife.
Taylor Swift…..Another one of my future ex wifes.
Neil Diamond….Come on you know you love his stuff

Bands that If you ever catch me listening to, its against my will.
Fleedwood Mac
Steely Dan
The Police

I’m sure there is more but I can’t think of them at this time

A nice long Memorial Day weekend is in store!  be safe and have a good one!  I’ll catch you all Tuesday.

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