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Another Concert Announcement Coming Soon!

If you read my blog yesterday, I told you how has pretty much consumed my life.  Well, it has pretty much consumed everyone’s lives here at the station too.  Here is the big first for us out here.


Pretty cool huh?

Not only that, it’s the first one from the 605 area code ever published on the website.  If you find it, read Bri’s Blog to find out the back story on that one.

Ok, we all need lives.

I’m sitting here sulking at my desk in my office (the hallway) over the Twins 6 losses in a row and flip on their day game to find out they are up 20 to nothing.  About damn time!

One of my favorite shows last year was Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel.  I was extremely sad when it ended in January but they are out and about at it again.  To follow this show, check out the blog.

 A major concert announcement is coming tomorrow morning at 10am!!!  Someone is coming to Aberdeen for the pig out!!!

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