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Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.

Severe Weather Likely Wednesday (Not Here)

I got a little busy yesterday so I figured I better update right now.

Sports Talk got underway yesterday on 930 KSDN.  It’s at 8am and I’m not exactly fully awake at that time so if I don’t talk much, that’s why.   Check it out.  One hour of sports from our non experts Doc, Jay K, Rusty and myself.  Still don’t know why Rusty is there other then he likes hearing his voice. 

Check out the full interview that Rusty and I did with Cory Taylor and Fieldy on The Rock page at  Rusty thinks he’s a big deal for going.  While it’s true it’s a big deal that he’s going, him being a big deal however remains to be seen. Good luck if you are riding the bus with him tonight.  When you see him tonight, make sure you tell him that Brent is your favorite DJ on 94.1 The Rock and he needs a hair cut. 

Also did you hear who is pulling out the winner of the $5,000 at the Brown County Fair this year?  Luke Bryan!  I hope he plays All My Friends Say at the concert.  The video to that song reminds me of my not so stellar short college career.   

Ok on the boring part of the blog.  I suppose I better start with what I did over the weekend.

A sure sign of summer is the annual fishing trips that I take with my buddy.  Now I say fishing very loosely as the polls are mostly for show but 99.5% of the time we do have a line in the water.  This is year six of what we have dubbed “DF.”  Every year has a theme last year was DF V: Back to Nature and this year was DF VI:  What Polls?  Needless to say it was a good time and I got sunburned.   

Also another sure sign of summer is the annual planting of my parent’s garden which happened on Sunday.  We coincided the planting of the garden with Mothers Day.  We cooked up a Mothers Day supper for her.  I was in charge of the steaks and the corn because I am the grill master.  Dad was on potatoes and my little brother made desert. 

My sister graduates from high school this Sunday and my little brother is learning how to drive.  Where does the time go?? 

Weather Nerd Update!!!

Anyone want to storm chance tomorrow in Missouri & Illinois with me?

Here is today’s convective outlook

Sooooo close to being in the slight risk I can taste it.  The first time we are in the slight risk is a very happy day for me. 

Todays Fav ~Ala Rusy?~

Today, I realized what my mom has been calling me for 20 years. She always calls me her “little fehler.” With her being from Germany, I always thought it was a cute little nickname. Apparently, she’s been calling me her “little mistake.” FML

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