Your Daily Adjustment

Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.


We had a tragic event happen out here at the studios yesterday. 

Rusty has a stuffed dog named Tucker.



He loves Tucker very much. 


Yesterday a kidnapper got in the station and took Tucker hostage.  We have no idea who the kidnapper was. 


Rusty was very sad.


The kidnapper left this ransom note.

We have taken your dog
We demand you admit you love U2-Magnificant Or the Dog gets it…..
Then deposit $35 in a swiss bank account by Thursday at noon.
Love and hugs
The stuffed dog nappers

 Rusty was furious at the kidnapper.


He left this this note back
Never! I’ll find him and then I’ll find you and YOU’LL be the one paying!

Overwhelmed with a sea of guilt with the thought of Rusty beating him into a pulp, the kidnapper gave Rusty Tucker back


Now Rusty is the happiest announcer in the world. 



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  1. That’s pretty much how it went down too….strange that it was all captured in convenient picture form…

    Comment by bri103 | May 7, 2009 | Reply

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