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Ok here is another weather nerd blog.  Check out this video first.;_ylt=AuyraWhVbDDtzMekiOPW8I4azJV4?rn=3906861&cl=13319103&ch=4226713&src=news

If you wanna read the full definition according to the all knowing all seeing Wikipedia, here is the link.

Incase you are also wondering, yes we do get them here in South Dakota.  We had a major one roll through the area July 31st of last year.  After seeing the story above, I thought I would share my story of going through a Derecho. 

Last July I was living in Milbank.  I was doing mornings on the station there.  I got up every day at 5:15 and was at work, on air at 6am every morning.  July 31st started out like any normal morning.  Got up at 5:15, saw some lightning outside and didn’t think much of it because it had been happening the past few mornings.  Got in the shower and got dressed when my phone rang.  When my phone rings at 5:30 in the morning I know something’s up.  Most of the time it was my boss saying this station is off the air and what not.  Not this time.  This time is was the Grant County Emergency Manager. 

I don’t remember exactly how the conversation went with her but the just of it consisted of her telling me to get my ass to the station now because we had a major weather event coming into Milbank with in the next 10 minutes.  I hurried up, got my shoes on and headed for the door.  That’s when the lights went out.  I open up the door but I was too late.  It didn’t take 10 minutes, it was already here. 

My apartment was on the second story and Cheryl (The Grant Co Emergency Manager) didn’t tell me what kind of weather event was coming and with the trees going sideways, I was thinking tornado.  So I risked it.  I ran to my car and called some people I worked with and told them I would be over ASAP to get into the basement.  Dodging tree branches and the rain that reduced visibility to about 5 feet I made it the 3 blocks to their house and huddled out the storm. 

About 20 minutes later the storm had calmed down enough and I knew I had to get to the station to start relaying damage reports and to give warnings out ahead of the storm so people wouldn’t be like me and surprised it was coming.  I started driving the 2 and half miles it was from the house to the station.  I’ll never forget going through Milbank, dark with no power.  Going around signs, tree branches and light polls while lightning rumbled over head.

I got to the station and there was no power.  I spent about 45 minutes outside in the lightning with a radio tower near by trying to get the gas powered generator up and running so we could get at least one station up and going.  About 2 hours after the storm rolled through, power came back on and I ran back into the studios, gave a legal ID and started work.  I spent the next 7 hours relaying reports over the air, talking with the Aberdeen American News (
 Argus Leader and KWSN about the damage and the happenings to the state baseball tournament that was in town and calling Uncle Don so I could get my satellites realigned and make plans to rebuild the fence that surrounded my tower. When I finally got the chance to grab some lunch, I drove around town and took pictures of the damage. 

Fence Around The TowerGrain Bins Punched InWells Fargo Sign Gone

We got lucky in Milbank.  Mostly tree damage but we got reports that the damage was much worse in the Webster/Waubay area.  We all have one of those weather stories that we will never forget and that is mine

Todays Fav  ~Smooth Rusty, Real Smooth~

Today, a hot girl got into the elevator just as I took a bite out of my Three Musketeers bar. I instinctively smiled at her and chocolate drool poured out of my mouth. FML

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