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Happy May

I was at my parents Friday night staying up late watching cable and caught Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Wow, that was the most uncomfortable and unfunny thing I have ever seen.  I am not a Jimmy Fallon fan. I never have been but I thought I would give him a go this time around thinking; well maybe this will be his calling.  Nope, it wasn’t.  Fallon was never funny on SNL and I was glad when he left. I miss Conan!  NBC, you should have left Conan and Leno alone! 

I went to a movie over the weekend.  I love going to the movies but now I miss the Milbank Prices.  $5 to get in and medium popcorn was $2 in Milbank. We were torn between Wolverine or 17 Again.  We chose 17 Again because I had heard that Wolverine wasn’t the best.  If you get a chance to see 17 Again do it!  It’s a very, very funny movie.   

Need a good laugh to cure your Monday blues?
are always good for a laugh. 

For those of you who listened to 930 KSDN Saturday between 1 & 6pm I apologize right now for all my flubs.  Although that was a pretty cool moment for me; returning to the station I got my start at 8 years ago. 

July is the month for concerts: Shinedown/Staind/Chevelle in Brookings, Green Day in Fargo and don’t forget Saving Abel/Pop/Evil/Taddy Porter in Aberdeen (tickets for that one are $25 and available at our studios). I hear the people at the Pig Out are getting a to be named big name act to headline Friday night.  Should be interesting to see who it is and how well it will compete with Green Day in Fargo that same night.  Plus they have yet to name who the new rock act will be at the Sioux Empire Fair in August. 

I am lacking on the concerts this year.  I usually average 3 to 4 concerts a year.  This time last year I had been to 3. This year I am at NONE!  The last one I went to was the Sioux Empire Fair.  Dang that whole moving and no money thing!  I think July will be a busy month for me however…..

Todays Fav ~Rusty in his spare time~
Today, I found out that the girl I’ve been dating online for over a year is actually a very bored 14 year old boy. FML

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  1. Ohhhh, that hurts!! That hurts real bad. You’ve gone and re-started the war, remember that!

    Comment by Rusty | May 5, 2009 | Reply

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