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No Internet Or Cable

Saving Abel/Pop Evil/Taddy Porter
94.1 The Rock & Jade Presents Saving Abel, Pop Evil & Taddy Porter July 1st, 7:30pm at the Ramkota Hotel Convention Center in Aberdeen.  Tickets are on sale now for $25.  Stop by our studios on south highway 281, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm to get your tickets (we are only accepting cash) or call 229-3632 for more information. 

Big Boy Toy Show
The 2009 Big Boy Toy Show is this weekend at the Odde Ice Arena.  Admission is free; hours are 9AM to 7PM on Saturday and 11AM to 5PM on Sunday.  I’ll be out there Noon till 4pm on Sunday. 

Rock Request Line
Stop what ever you are doing right now and request something; 725-4-941.  If you are too shy you can also email

I moved back to Aberdeen on April 4th and of course had my cable and internet shut off in Milbank.  I wanted to catch up on some bills from moving so I did not have cable or the net hooked up here in town.  So for almost a month, I have been with out cable and the net.

Life without cable and internet is tough.  I missed the season finales of one of my favorite shows Friday Night Lights plus I missed the episode of House that Kutner commits suicide.  Despite being board out of my mind, I have been keeping myself busy.  One of the first things I did when I got to Aberdeen was buy a ton a DVD’s I couldn’t get in Milbank and I also have been watching my Family Guy and South Park DVD’s over and over plus rewatched some DVD’s I haven’t watched in along time.   

The life with out internet hasn’t been so tough.  I have it here and on my phone so I have been able to keep up on the ol social network sites and whatnot. 

Then last night I went home to Mellette.  My parents took my sister to go look at a college in Iowa so I agreed to go watch my little brother.  He’s 13 and at that age where he’s alright to be left alone for a few hours but not for a couple of days.  Last night cable was at my disposal. I couldn’t watching much of it right away because I went to my little bros oral interp contest at the high school but afterwards I stayed up till 11:30 watching the stupidest things just taking in the cable goodness.  Tonight I plan on doing the same.  Just sitting in front of the TV veging out, eyes glassed over, glued to the TV. 

I do plan on getting cable and the internet sometime this month and catching up on the episodes of House, Friday Night Lights & Family Guy that I missed.

Long live cable!
Have a good weekend everyone!

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