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Sports Thursday

I’ve been saving my sports talk for tomorrow but thought I would do it today as I can’t think of anything to blog about. 


So we have to go back a week and talk about the NFL Draft and who the Vikings took in the first round, receiver Percy Harvin from Florida.  Now keep in mind that I am not a college football fan so about at week before the draft I spend a lot of time reading the so called experts picks. 


This is what has to say about him.
The Vikings ignore the potential character risks and select the immensely talented Harvin with their first-round pick. The do-it-all playmaker makes life easier for quarterbacks Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson with his ability to score from anywhere on the field. With Adrian Peterson and Bernard Berrian receiving the bulk of opponents’ attention, Harvin could emerge a surprise star in his rookie season.


If you scroll further down on his bio on, you find a list of very impressive credentials but what sticks out to me is this: the potential character risks.  After the boat party and Mike Tice, that is not something we need on the team.  What else sticks out to me is the statement: The do-it-all playmaker makes life easier for quarterbacks Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson.  Ugh, don’t remind me that we still do this day don’t have a QB….
Crabtree would have been a great grab for the Vikes but my 49ers got him (score!)


Who knows how Percy will work out this year.  As for what I think?  Until we get a QB who knows what he is doing and a coach that knows what he is doing, I’ll remain in the mindset; well we always have next year and please God let us beat the Packers twice nd if necessary, three times this year.      


Now on to the Twins….

Considering we are with out some good players and big sticks, the Twins are doing extremely well and as of today only a ½ game back from Kansas City, (when the hell did the Royals start winning?) Detroit and (ugh) Chicago.  Go Slowey and the Twins tomorrow at home vs KC!!


Todays Fav ~In the words of Cleveland from Family Guy, “Oh, that’s nasty.” ~

Today, I finally got my cast taken off my leg after a long month of crutches. I was so excited, until four dead spiders fell out. FML

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