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Too Much Rock For One Hand


I’ve gotta HUGE concert announcement tomorrow morning during my show. Someone’s are coming to Aberdeen in July. Listen to 94.1 The Rock Wednesday morning for details.






I’ll be broadcasting live at Pierson Ford tomorrow from 11am-2pm.  Stop by and say hi!


After trying to come up with something to talk about today I decided that I would talk about the top 20 songs on the rock charts this week.  After much thought on a rating scale, I came up with this.


The Official Brent Nathaniel Music Rating Scale


Too Much Rock For One Hand-My Favorite

Devil Horns-It Rocks

Lighter In The Air-Good

Thumbs Down-Sucks

My Ears Are Bleeding-Take Me Out Back And Shoot Me


PAPA ROACH Lifeline                                                   Lighter In The Air

NICKELBACK Something In Your Mouth      Too Much Rock For One Hand

METALLICA Cyanide                                                                            Devil Horns

SHINEDOWN Second Chance                            Too Much Rock For One Hand

PEARL JAM Brother                                                                    Lighter In The Air

SEETHER Careless Whisper                                                            Devil Horns

AC/DC Big Jack                                                                                   Lighter In The Air

DISTURBED Indestructible                                                               Lighter In The Air

SHINEDOWN Sound Of Madness                         Too Much Rock For One Hand

POP EVIL 100 In A 55                                              Too Much Rock For One Hand

MUDVAYNE Do What You Do                                                           Thumbs Down

THEORY OF A DEADMAN Bad Girlfriend              Too Much Rock For One Hand

U2 Magnificent                                                                        My Ears Are Bleeding

BUCKCHERRY Rescue Me                                                                Thumbs Down

SAVING ABEL Drowning (Face Down)                                           Devil Horns

DISTURBED The Night                                                                       Devil Horns

GREEN DAY Know Your Enemy                                                        Devil Horns

STAIND All I Want                                                      Too Much Rock For One Hand

DROWNING POOL 37 Stitches                              Too Much Rock For One Hand


Todays Fav ~Sounds Like Rusy’s Weekends~

Today, I was eating cereal and decided to warm it up to see what it tasted like. So, using a candle in the room I placed my spoon over the flame and waited to see if it heated up. Pleased with my silly experiment, I put the spoon back in my mouth. I now can’t talk because of my swollen tongue. FML

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