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Peanut Butter Cups

Just a few things I wanted to comment on today.  I read this headline this morning as I do my daily peruse of many websites for local news.


Smoking Ban May Lead To Outdoor Beer Gardens


Ok?  My first thought was duh! My next thought was this isn’t news.  This is just a poorly worded statement.  It should read: Smoking Ban Will Lead To Outdoor Beer Gardens.  Let me clear, I am not in favor of the smoking ban. Also, let me be clear that I am not a smoker.  I will admit it would be nice to go out and come home and not smell like an ashtray but what gets me is how they sold this smoking ban.  They sold it on the think of the health of the people that work in these environments such as the bars and casinos. They shouldn’t have to work in such an environment with the second hand smoke.


So if you’re going to sell the smoking ban on the health of the worker, then these same people should be trying to clean up other harmful things in the work place.  I’m sure the people who work in bars know they will be working with the smoke.  Plus let’s not forget one big aspect.  Every bar in SD has the CHOICE to go smoke free but don’t.


Ok. I got on my soap box a bit..

Getting back on subject…


Now if were on this “health of the worker” kick then based on the theories and principals stated above I propose an immediate ban on the deliciousness that is the Hub City Radio snack machine.  Let me explain. It is known if you work in radio, you’re going to eat. Often when free food is out here at the station, or for that matter any station I have worked at, it is only a matter of moments before it is gone to the delicious heaven in the sky. You also make daily raids of the snack machine to get your daily fix.  So the snack machine is doing a lot of harm to us DJ’s.  It is causing immediate harm to my stomach and waste line and I propose we ban it from the station.


Ok, maybe not.  I’m still a newbie out here and I best not ruffle any feathers and end up with cement shoes at the bottom of the James. Plus lets not forget start a riot unlike Aberdeen has seen till the snack machine has been placed in its original position; safely behind the likes of my desk. 


I guess I’ll just have to stare and drool and not bring money with me from now on.

Now how much are those peanut butter cups again? 


Todays Fav

Today, my boyfriend was going to propose. Since he was really nervous, he decided to have a couple of drinks to loosen up. He ended up throwing up and passing out before he could get down on one knee. FML

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  1. Don’t even joke about taking my snack machine away! I’ll kill for it. It’s bad enough that it didn’t get filled this last week!

    Comment by Rusty | April 28, 2009 | Reply

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