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Sports Friday

The Twins take on Cleveland tonight at 6:05.  16 games played so far this year and were already a game and a half back to Kansas City, Detroit and (ugh) the White Sox.  A lot of stink is being made about the Twins last season in the Metrodome.  Incase you have been living under a rock over the past few years; the Twins will be getting a new ball park next year.  The progress on Target field is quite impressive.  The Twins have a link on their website ( so you can check on the progress.  Now I ask the question, what was so wrong with the Metrodome??  Sure its dark, it’s dirty, it’s a frickin’ nightmare to get to with all the traffic but it had in my opinion, a certain charm to it.  I mean it was the Metrodome!  You knew it the moment you came upon it what you could expect.   


This brings me to my biggest problem with the new stadium.  Ol Mother Nature doesn’t exactly like to bring spring all at once here in the upper Midwest.  Plus she likes to rain on our parade in the summer.  This year when I spend what little money I have on tickets and gas to go to the game I know there will actually BE A GAME!  I’m going to have a hard time buying tickets to a game next year and spending money on gas and praying that the weather is good on the day of the game.  I would be severely ticked off to drive all that way and spending all the money to have a game called off.


Alright, on to football…

Its draft weekend!  Who are the Vikings going to take in the first round?  Well the “experts” at think either a WR or an OT.  If I could tell The Chiller one thing,  get a WR!!! We need someone to catch the ball!  (Don’t even get me started on the person throwing the ball and The Chiller for that matter, that’s for another post.)  I’m crossing my fingers this weekend that The Chiller will make a decent move. 


I’ll be out at Combined Pool’s & Spas this afternoon from 3-6pm.  It’s a Cash Cube remote so come get registered for the $5,000 we will be giving away at The Brown County Fair. 

Have a good weekend everyone! 

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