Your Daily Adjustment

Adjusting your day….you bad, bad boy.

All That Remains-Two Weeks

Rusty and I will be talking to Mike, the rhythm guitarist from All That Remains this afternoon at 2pm.  Be listening for that interview in the next few weeks on 94.1 The Rock.



Your first chance to qualify for the Cash Cube ($5,000 bucks!!!!!) is tomorrow from 11-1 at Planet Hair.  Then you have another chance to qualify at Combined Pools & Spas on 6th Ave.  I’ll be broadcasting live from 3-6pm!


Probably one of the coolest things that has happened in the past few weeks since I moved back home is I’ve have people contact me that I have not talked to in years!  I moved from Aberdeen in the August of 2004 to Watertown to start my edmuducation at LATI.  I spend about 3 ½ years in Watertown and another year and a half in Milbank before the opportunity to move back home came up.  In that time I had lost contact with a lot of people here.  So when I got back into town and started here at Hub City Radio, I had people that I had not talked to in years contact me telling me how great it was to be back in Aberdeen.  So to those people I say thank you it’s been nice hearing from you! 


Today’s Fav

Today, I got a spray tan for the first time. Naked, I climbed into the booth. When the machine started I became frightened by the loud roar of the spray and couldn’t breathe. I proceeded to pee on myself out of fear. I now have river-like streaks down both legs where the pee washed my tan away. FML

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