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Shinedown-Second Chance

Happy severe weather preparedness week! 

If you want to read about what goes on during this week you can visit the following link:


Every day inches closer to that magical time of the year called severe weather season.  I’m a huge weather nerd.  I will sit and watch the TV coverage like it’s the Super Bowl.  I’ve even watched severe weather TV coverage through the internet in other states.  There are some great sites out there that you can go to but one of my favs are South Dakota boys who run I have chased a few times.  The last time I chased was in 2005 when I was watching funnel clouds go up and down north of Watertown while reporting back on what I was seeing to the station I was working for at the time.  Oh, by the way, you should never chase unless you know what the hell you are doing!!!


I’ve even have taken the Skywarn Spotter Training course about every year since I was 15.  The next one for Brown County will be 6:30pm tomorrow at the Community Room at the Brown County Courthouse Basement.  You need to be recertified every 2 years and I missed last year’s course so you can guarantee that I will be there for that one. It takes about 2 hours and is full of useful information.  Plus you get to see cool photos and videos of Tornados. The whole Skywarn Spotter Training course schedule is listed here:


Ok time to take off my dork cap and put on my DJ cap…….


For all you The Rock listeners, call in your requests ANY time of day and make sure you call us 7 or 8 times each!  Request something NOW!!!  Remember 725-4941.  Write that down! Put that as speed dial 1!  If you’re too shy to call you can email


For all you PC 103 listeners, call me at 725-0103 or you can email me too


The shorts will come out today and tomorrow!!!  Believe it or not this wont be the first time they have come out this year.  They came out for a day last week on a test run for this year and they came out for 5 days in February when I went to Disney in Florida.


Oh and don’t let Rusty fool you, remember who the true big deal is around here…..That’s right sir’s and sir’s ets, its Rusty Cable. 


Todays Fav: ~This sounds like something I would do.~
Today, I went on somewhat of a blind date. The date was ok until he tried to spoon feed me. This didn’t go over so well. Later, I noticed a strange looking brief case he was carrying. I asked him what it was and he proceeded to whip out 5 yoyos and do a yoyo show in the middle of the restaurant. FML

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